How Do You Share Your Love?

According to the calendar, I haven’t published a blog in 116 days. That’s unacceptable. But we’re all friends here, right? So hopefully you’ll take me back as your go-to source for the all-important look at good PR vs. poor PR.

I’ll start things back up with one of my very own PR initiatives. Two weeks ago I led the charge on a fun PR stunt to promote my company’s latest mobile app. Curate enables AWeber customers to easily share their favorite online content with their email subscribers. The concept is simple. See an online article you love? Hit “share” and pop it into a self-building email newsletter powered by Curate. Add as many articles as you like, personalize them, and hit send. It’s like magic for your email newsletters. Plus it alleviates the pain of figuring out what to write. Instead, you take existing content that you know your audience will like and you curate it into a nicely packaged newsletter just for them.

IMG_1803Since the app revolves around sharing the things you love, here’s the stunt we spun up. We planted a giant chalkboard smack in the middle of Philadelphia and asked the City of Brotherly Love: How do you share your love? We took some promo swag with us and, for three hours, spoke to people about how they share their love and how they can do it with Curate.

Pretty cool, right? Yea it was pretty dope, I must say. The ultimate plan was to create a heartfelt video that would attract views and thereby boost awareness for AWeber and Curate.

Here’s the final video. Waddya think?

Now that the video is complete, it’s in the hands of our social media experts to promote it for maximum awareness and our digital marketing experts to retarget folks who watch the video and turn them into customers. That, my friends, is how PR impacts the bottom line.

One more thing before I go. The Curate app we were promoting is a pretty impressive app. Stay tuned for a new series of PR examples I’ll be sharing each week thanks to Curate. I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

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