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I’m a staff writer journalist by day and a freelance PR consultant by (the wee hours of) night. My heart and soul belong to PR. I guess you could say I’m a sucker for it. But more importantly I’m a sucker for the good kind. On The PR Maverick Blog, we’ll swoon over the good stuff and give thanks for lessons learned (at the expense of others) from the bad.

I’ve been in this love affair with PR for 10 years and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. So, tap into me. Use me for your PR efforts, hire me to do some writing, or invite me out for coffee and networking. My treat!

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2017 marks over 10 years since I first got started in public relations. The journey has assured me that PR is my calling; it’s what I was put here to do.

Balancing PR with freelance news reporting is what brings out my inner maverick. One minute I’m pitching to the news media, the next minute I am the news media. Toggling between the two gives me valuable insights into what makes news and what will appeal to journalists.


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  • Public relations people often find themselves in a tough spot – and it is how they act in that situation that can earn them respect or disdain from the journalists who work with them. Once working with Andrea, I admired the fact the she saw the story, saw the possibilities and went to bat to make it happen.
    Jane Von Bergen
    Business Reporter, The Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Personable, reliable and informative, Andrea Carter is a pro. Andrea knows both her clients and our publication well, making her pitches to Website Magazine relevant and timely – optimizing her time spent, as well as ours.
    Amberly Dressler
    Managing Editor, Website Magazine
  • Andrea is a triple threat. She consistently holds a great deal of pride, passion and persistence for PR and does it in a way that’s both fearless and inspiring. Simply put, she is a master of her craft.
    Brandyn Bissinger
    Head of Marketing Communications, Contour Data Solutions
  • Andrea Carter is an exceptional communicator whose enthusiasm never flags and never takes no for an answer. Her writing skills are top-notch, her ability with the press terrific, and her ability to beat a deadline can’t be matched.
    Kent Holland
    Managing Director, Kivvit
  • Andrea is one of the most passionate, well-rounded PR professionals I’ve met. She is so driven to accomplish success with her PR efforts. She is also unique in her holistic approach on how PR can influence many other marketing and communications efforts.
    Erik Harbison
    Chief Marketing Officer, AWeber

I love what I do. Period. 

For me, securing a media placement or seeing words that I’ve written shared with mass audiences is a high that’ll never get old.

My Resume

Outside my craft, I’m a(n):

  • Aspiring world traveler

  • Funky bass guitar player (again, aspiring)

  • Self-motivator & motivator of others

  • Ambivert

  • Church goer

  • Dog lover

  • People watcher

  • Closet public speaker (again, ambivert)

  • Beach bum

  • Food fanatic

  • Life enthusiast who loves two things more than anything, learning & laughing

The PR Maverick Blog

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Every so often I find myself in front of a camera instead of behind it.


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